Why Finny's Complete Auto Repair

When you bring your vehicle to Finny's we first and foremost realize that your vehicle is one of your most prized possessions. You don't let just anyone drive your car so why would you let just anyone work on your vehicle. We are confident that you will enjoy the way we treat you and your vehicle.

Finny's Complete Auto Repair is experienced in the mechanics of all imports; including BMW, Mercedes, Lexus, Range Rover and more. We don't rush our work; we work with swift elegance. Making sure we take proper care of our guest’s vehicles but ensuring that we return them in a timely fashion.


Finny's Comlete Auto Repair has the knowlege and skill to keep your ride gliding down the road. wheather you need a routine inspection, complete replacement we have the tools and the knowledge to complete it; We also deliver all the news honestly and straight forward. Don't let your suspension go; your life could depend on it.


When you feel your vehicle losing it's stopping power it's time to stop in and talk to a Finny's Complete Auto associate. With fair competitive pricing you won't hesitate to hit the brakes.

HID Lights Installed

HID Lights are a great way to increase your night vision. Giving you a new modern look to your vehicle. With quick quality service, and competitve prices we will have you feeling like you have night vision.

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Finny's Complete Auto Repair
466 N. Dixie Blvd
Radcliff, Ky 40160

Located across from AT&T right next to True Value Hardware. Parking is tight but you will find a spot.